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This service usually consists of one or two phone calls between parents and Dr. Balog to determine whether evaluation and/or therapy is right for your child. There is no charge for this service and these phone calls can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your family.


  • A speech and language screening is a very short assessment that can assist Dr. Balog in determining whether your child is at risk for having a speech and language delay or disorder.

  • There is no charge for this service.

  • Screenings are useful for determining whether a full diagnostic evaluation is needed. Screenings are not comprehensive evaluations but are a useful tool in the evaluation process.

Diagnostic Evaluation

A diagnostic evaluation includes an in-depth assessment of your child's speech and language skills in these areas:

  1. Articulation and Phonology - How well your child uses individual speech sounds in words and sentences.
  2. Vocabulary - How well your child uses an age-appropriate number of words to express basic concepts and ideas.
  3. Grammar - How well your child puts words together to form sentences.
  4. Language Use - How well your child uses language to reason, problem solve and communicate with others to express his/her wants and needs.

Evaluation also occurs throughout treatment.


Speech and language treatment includes individual  sessions for treatment of speech and language delay and disorders in these these and other areas:

  • Language development - with a focus on increasing language skills within a natural environment, vocabulary growth, and school readiness.
  • Emergent literacy and early reading skills.
  • Articulation and phonological treatment for speech sound disorders.
  • Communicative function.
  • Social communication.
  • Communication treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Parent training

Dr. Balog is available to provide parent training to small groups at no charge.

Topics might include:

  • Developmental norms for speech and language.

  • The importance of reading to your children - how and what to read.

  • The importance of play - how and what to do.

  • The importance of limiting TV and other media.

Please contact Dr. Balog if your group is interested in having her speak on one these or a related issue.

Staff/Teacher training

Dr. Balog is available for staff/teacher training at negotiated hourly rates. Suggested topics (please contact Dr. Balog for a more complete list):

  • Normal Speech and Language Development: Birth to Five Years.

  • Normal Speech and Language Development: School-Age Children.

  • Emergent and Early Literacy Skills.

  • Disorder Areas: Phonological Disorders Pragmatic Disorders Language Disorders

Please contact Dr. Balog if your facility if interested in having her speak to your staff.

Preschool Outreach Program (POP)

This is a service offered to area preschools in which screenings, teacher consultation, parent training, and teacher training are packaged together.

This model provides an effective collaboration between therapist, child, parent and teacher. It provides an opportunity for early intervention and treatment. Additionally, it affords children the opportunity to receive their treatment onsite at preschool in a naturalistic setting when appropriate.

Interested preschool directors should contact Dr. Balog directly to schedule this service in their preschool or daycare center.